Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kito+?
Kito+ is a sophisticated health tracker that pairs with your phone to measure your vitals, in just a few seconds.
Which vitals does Kito+ measure?
Kito+ measures Heart Rate, ECG, Blood Oxygen Level, Skin Temperature and Respiration Rate.
Is Kito+ safe?
YES! And accurate. And reliable. And friendly. And portable.
Are the readings reliable?
Yes, the Kito+ health tracker has undergone various tests and analysis to provide you with accurate readings.
Can Kito+ readings be used for diagnostic purposes?
Kito+ has been developed to be used as a personal health and fitness tracker and not as a diagnostic tool. It is not intended to replace conventional methods of diagnosis. Always consult your doctor and seek medical advice.
Can I use my Kito+ module without attaching it to my phone?
Yes, Kito+ can also be used as a standalone unit. Do make sure that your Kito+ is in close proximity of your phone.
Which smartphones are compatible with Kito+?
Kito+ is compatible with all iPhones 6/6 Plus and Android 4.3 and above phones with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. It is available as a case for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6s/6s Plus and as a standalone unit for use with all other supported phones.
Can I take a reading while running or while exercising?
No. It is advisable that you remain relaxed, steady and maintain a straight posture in order to get an accurate reading.


How do I use Kito+ module as a phone case?
Easy as 1,2,3! First attach the case to your phone and place the Kito+ module into the opening of the case and gently press the module until the case and module snap together.
How does Kito+ measure vitals?
The Kito+ health monitor uses a sophisticated system of sensors to test your vitals and syncs to your phone via Bluetooth LE to share the results.
How do I create an account?
Before using Kito+ for the first time, you need to Sign-Up and create your Kito+ account. Tap on Sign-Up from the home screen and create your account.
How do I create multiple accounts?
Tap on the + sign on the home screen and sign up with another user. Please remember that you can only have up to four users on each Kito+.
How do I pair Kito+ with my phone?
Turn ON the Kito+ Switch and Bluetooth from your mobile device, and simply follow the instructions as they appear.
How do I take a reading with Kito+?
Switch ON your Kito+ and a white LED light will glow to indicate that it's switched ON. Then tap on 'CHECK-UP' and hold Kito+ gently with both your hands so that your fingers cover the sensors until the reading is completed. You should then be able to see the metrics for your pulse, SpO2, respiration rate, skin temperature, and ECG.
Does the Kito app save my readings? How many readings can it store?
Yes the Kito app will save your previous readings. Storing capacity depends on your phone memory. If you have more space in your phone, you will be able to save more readings.
How can I view previous readings?
You can always look up previous readings from your Dashboard. Just pick a date from the Timeline to view readings for that day. You can slide back and forth to select the dates on the Timeline.
How can I set a reminder for taking a reading?
Tap Settings (settings) > Reminder, and schedule a day and time for regular reminders.
Can I download my readings?
You may email your readings but you will not be able to download them.
How can I share my readings?
Super easy, just select the date from the home screen and hit the Share button. You can now proceed to share a maximum of 20 readings, at a time. The readings are converted to PDF file format and sent as an attachment via email.
Can I access individual vital graphs?
Yes, you can. Select a reading card and then tap on any vital to see the corresponding graph. For example, if you tap on ‘Blood Oxygen' you'll be able to see the patterns for your oxygen saturation levels over a period of days, weeks, or months.
What are Guest Mode/ TRY IT features?
The Guest Mode and 'TRY IT' features allow you to take a reading before creating an account. Readings taken in the Guest Mode can only be viewed and not stored. However, the reading taken in the 'TRY IT' mode can be saved once you Sign Up and create an account.
How do I charge my Kito+?
The Kito+ charger automatically snaps into place near the charging connectors by a magnetic pull. Plug-in the other end of the charger into a power outlet. Switch ON the power supply to see a blue light which indicates that your Kito+ is charging.
How will I know if Kito+ is fully charged?
The blue light on Kito+ will turn to white, which means it's fully charged and ready for use.
How will I know if the battery is low?
The white light on your device will start blinking indicating that the battery is low.
Can I take a reading while Kito+ is charging?
No. Do not use your Kito+ while it's charging.
How can I upgrade the Kito application?
You will automatically get notifications for mandatory updates.
Is there a way to prevent others from accessing my readings?
You can lock your dashboard to prevent other users from accessing your application interface and the readings. Tap Settings (settings), slide and turn ON the Security Lock.
Is Kito+ water and heat resistant?
Yes, Kito+ is water and heat resistant to an extent but only under limited exposure. It comes with Ingress IP22 protection which means it can take a bit of a hit but please read the specifications for more details.
Why is Kito+ unable to pair to my phone via Bluetooth? (iOS and Android)
To successfully pair your Kito+, please make sure that it is in close proximity to your mobile device. Make sure you have turned ON the Bluetooth on your mobile device. Reset Kito+ manually by pressing the Power Switch.
Why did my Kito app installation fail?
This usually happens because of lack of space, incompatible OS version or lack of internet connectivity. Please check the system requirements given in the User Manual.
Why can't I Login? How do I recover my password?
Please make sure that your email/password combination is correct. Check internet connectivity and try to Login again with correct credentials. If you cannot remember your password then please tap on 'Forgot Password' and reset your login credentials.
Why am I getting an error while taking a reading?
You might have moved or placed your fingers improperly on the sensors/ electrodes during a reading. Try taking a reading once again as guided by the application. If the problem persists, please contact customer service.
My Kito+ is not turning ON. What could be the problem?
This can happen when your device is completely out of battery. Charge your device and it will be ready for use again.
I have lost the USB cable provided with Kito+. Can I connect another USB cable?
Happens to all of us! Just use any other USB 2.0 cable to connect the charger.
How do I deactivate my account?
Go to Edit Profile under Settings and tap Deactivate Account. Deactivating the account completely deletes your profile and vital readings from the application.