Kito Case

Kito is a health tracker. It cleverly conceals special sensors within an iPhone case so that you are able to measure your body vitals with ease and accuracy, where ever you may be.

It's got answers you won’t have questions for.


Is Kito safe?
YES. And accurate. And reliable. And friendly. And portable. And cheap. Ok maybe not THAT cheap.
Are Wello and Kito different?
NOT AT ALL!! Kito is the same as Wello. Only the name has changed, nothing else!
Are my readings and data secure with Kito?
Your health is a very personal matter. And we go to great lengths to keep it that way. For starters, all the data coming to our servers is encrypted. Plus the data is anonymously stored so that your identity is never linked to any data on our servers. In a nutshell, you own all your data.
How do I order Kito?
Please subscribe to us! We will inform you as soon as we open for new orders.
Which smartphones is Kito compatible with?
Kito is compatible with all iPhones 5/5s and Android  4.3 & above phones with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. It is available as a case for the iPhone 5/5s and as a standalone unit for use with all other supported phones.
Do I REALLY need to visit my doctor now that I have Kito?
Please use but do not abuse Kito. It is a tool that arms you with better information. It will record, display, and store your health data, it does not diagnose a condition or prescribe treatment or medication. Please be responsible and do see your doctor as you normally would.
Will I live to be a 100?
Maybe. But not if you keep smoking like that.

Better health for everyone.